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Bull Barn Genetics - Charolais Sires
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ASC Eliminator 032

Big Creek Game Changer 192 PET

Cedardale Abracadabra123A

Cedardale Zeal 125Z

Chunky Monkey

Cooley Jordan 8017R17

Cooley Russell 1410R9

DCR Mr Solution W13

EC Forefront 8066 PLD

HBR Performer 181 P

HCR Institute 5054 PLD

Hoo Dat (Leddy HooDoo 325Y)

Hoo Made Hoo

HooDoo Prince 2019

HTA Tundra PLD 222B

KAYR Velocity 812Z

LCOC Top Grade P043R

Leddy 20X

LT Blue Mountain 1041 PLD

LT Patriot 4004 PLD

LT Sundance 2251 PLD

LT Venture 3198 PLD

M6 Stout & Proud 1112 P

Main Black Pepper 10S

MC Rio 691 (Dales)

MCR Elvira's Edge 006 P ET

Merit Roundup 9508W

NWMSU Platinum 4108

OBG Captain America

One Penny Blanco Flash 6424

Raile Sovereign J827 Y064

RBM TR Rhinestone Z38

Schurrtop Genetic Edge

Schurrtop HCR Rancher

SSR Mr Driven PLD 6004

TLC Integrity 5087P ET

TR Dsul 100 Proof B24 ET

TR Gunsmoke (Assertion)

TR Mr Fire Water 5792RET

TR PZC Rapid Fire 9775 ET

VPI Free Lunch 708T

WCF Accelerated Choice

White Warrior 304

WR Good Stuff T641

WR Polled Rex U606

WR Travel Agent A602

WR Wrangler W601

ZKCC Game On 266Z


Bull Barn and its agents or employees cannot guarantee the conception rate quality or productivity to be obtained in connection with the use of its products or recommended techniques, therefore, it makes no warranty of any kind whatsoever expressed or implied which extend beyond description of the products herein and all warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose are hereby disclaimed.

Further, neither Bull Barn nor any of its or their agents or employees, shall be responsible for any injury, damage or loss caused to persons, animals or property through the negligent use or handling of its or their products, or for any damages or loss due to any defects in the containers used in connection therewith.